Environmental problems

Litter bins

Report a full or damaged litter bin in a public place

Dog waste bins

Report a full or damaged dog waste bin in a public place


Report graffiti on a public building or structure, or request removal from a private building or structure

Litter problem on public land

Report accumulation of waste in a public place

Litter problem on private land

Report disturbance caused by accumulation of waste on private land

Dead animal

Report a dead animal to request removal from a public place

Avian flu

What to do if you find dead birds

Abandoned shopping trolley

Report a supermarket trolley that's been left in a public place

High hedges

Report a problem caused by a high hedge, whether on public or private property

Public toilets

Report a cleanliness or damage issue in a public toilet

Artificial light

Report a disturbance caused by bright artificial light coming from another premises

Find out about land contamination

What is contaminated land, how we we prevent new contamination and our strategy

Tell us about land contamination

Report land that may be contaminated and causing a environmental health issue

Air quality and pollution

Report a localised problem with polluted air

Disturbance from a business premises

Report an unreasonable disturbance caused by a business premises

Lost dogs

Report a lost dog to us so that we can let you know if we find it

Stray dogs

How to report a stray dog, or collect your dog if it's taken in as stray

Unwanted dogs

What to do if you can no longer keep a dog as a pet

Dog attacks and out-of-control dogs

Report an incident involving an out-of-control dog

Dog fouling

Report a problem with dog fouling in your area so that we can investigate further

Missing and found pets

Report a missing or found animal to us