Report a dog fouling problem

You can report any incidents of dog fouling. We can patrol the area affected and affix warning stickers.

Detailed information can assist us in identifying areas that are particularly affected. If you have witnessed someone commit a dog fouling offence, you can use the online form below. 

Report a dog fouling problem online

Please note: For us to fully investigate your report, you must ensure you are happy to provide us with a witness statement and provide evidence in court. You would also need to be able to provide the offending person/s name and address. 

If anyone is seen committing an offence leaving their dog/s faeces on the floor, they may receive a fixed penalty notice. If they do not pay the fine within the required timescale, this may lead to court action, they may receive a fine up to £1000 plus costs.

For your information: 

  • If the faeces have been picked up but the bag has not then been properly disposed of then this may be a littering offence and can be reported as a litter problem on public land
  • All complaints and queries regarding dog bins can be reported online
  • If your problem relates to excessive dog fouling in a person’s private garden you need to report rubbish on private land or contact the social housing landlord depending on the situation.

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