Important ID requirements for local elections on 3 May 2018

Anyone who lives and votes in the Borough of Swindon will be required to bring their poll card as a form of ID to vote in the local elections on 3 May 2018.

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Report rubbish on private land

The removal of litter/rubbish that has accumulated on privately-owned land is the responsibility of the land owner. Where it is judged that the rubbish/litter harbours significant populations of rodents or presents a danger to public health, the council may intervene by investigating the situation and taking the appropriate action to get the owner of the land to clean it up.

We always advise that, before involving the council, you make contact with the owner or occupier of the land in the first instance as this frequently provides the best and fastest solution. If that fails to result in a positive outcome, you can report the problem to us. You will be asked to create a My Account before you can access the online form below:

Report rubbish or accumulations of waste on private land online

The process for intervention by the council

Initially, we assess whether the problem is of serious significance to enable us to intervene. If it is, we contact the owner/occupier of the land and ask that they resolve the problem and return the land to an acceptable state. We will always do this informally at first but, if our request is ignored, we use enforcement powers where appropriate.

We are unable to act on land that is merely unattractive, overgrown or contains mostly inert material such as rubble, old appliances etc. We can, however, act on circumstances where there is a potential danger to public health (for example where significant food waste exists on the land). In such cases we have powers to enforce its removal, albeit that it can take some time to complete the legal enforcement process. For most cases of this type it takes several weeks to complete the process.

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