Report a dirty street or land that needs cleaning

We are responsible for the maintenance of many streets in Swindon.

The work we carry out includes:

  • street cleaning
  • removing dead leaves
  • emptying litter and cigarette butt bins
  • litter collection
  • removing broken glass
  • removing debris from the roads

Street cleaning in Highworth is carried out by Highworth Town Council.

If you spot a problem relating to street cleanliness, you can use the online form below to let us know.

Report a street cleaning issue

Regular cleaning schedules for Swindon town centre, Old Town and retail areas

We clean the Swindon town centre and Old Town retail areas between 6.00am and 5.00pm each day from Monday to Friday inclusive.

Cleaning in other areas

We focus our resources in each area for one day each month for an in depth clean. We work jointly with others to eliminate anti-social behaviour. We empty litter bins daily and aim to remove all reported hypodermic needles within four hours. Our response time may be longer if the report is made between 5.00pm and 7.00am.

Also view the report a full or damaged dog poo bin webpage.

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