Please note we will copy parts of the information you supply in your diary sheets to the person/business that is disturbing you if/when we write to them. In all cases we pursue, we will ultimately need to witness the issue ourselves, and so we will need to visit your home, potentially a number of times.

We will also expect you to have tried to resolve the issue yourselves by speaking to or writing to the person/business involved. If you have done this, and the information you have submitted indicates that this is something we can act on; we would generally write to the person or business said to be causing the disturbance, and then investigate further if this does not resolve the issue.  

We find that informal interventions are effective in the very great majority of cases. In a small number of cases however, we may need to serve formal warnings or Notices, or more serious actions such as prosecution, a licensing hearing, or seizure. You may be asked to be a witness in such proceedings, and investigations like this will inevitably take a number of weeks or months to complete.

If you have already tried to resolve this issue with the person/business and you have completed diary sheets detailing the problem for a period of three weeks, please complete the following form and ensure you upload your completed documents: