Report an abandoned vehicle

COVID-19 - Collection of abandoned vehicles

Please be aware that due to COVID restrictions, we will only be collecting and removing vehicles that require urgent attention.

For reporting purposes, you should continue to use the online form below.

Abandoned vehicles on public land

We normally inspect and start to investigate an abandoned vehicle within one working day of it being reported. The removal of the vehicle will take place once the council is satisfied it has been abandoned.

You can report abandoned vehicles by using the online form below. You will be required to create a My Account before you complete the form.

Before you get in touch you can check if the vehicle is taxed using GOV.UK website. If the vehicle is taxed and parked legally, we cannot remove it.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Vehicles abandoned on private land

Abandoned vehicles on private land are the responsibility of the landowner. However, if they are causing a nuisance, the council can serve the appropriate legal notice. When we are satisfied that it is abandoned, we will remove it when we are legally permitted to do so.

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