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We are publishing frequent updates about the impact the Coronavirus outbreak is having on council services, along with health guidance and other key information for residents and businesses.

Tell us about an air quality or pollution problem

Air pollution comes in many forms and poor air quality can damage health. We are responsible for monitoring air quality and making sure we live in a safe environment.

To do this we monitor air quality at 23 sites in the borough.

You can find out about air quality in Swindon and access air quality status annual reports.

Reporting a problem

We will investigate all complaints relating to poor air quality or air pollution incidents. We will respond to your complaint within two days. In most cases we will write to you to acknowledge your complaint, so please allow time for our letter to arrive in the post.

We give highest priority to reports of an immediate risk to health. We screen all cases to make sure we respond appropriately. In certain cases we respond by telephone or in person.

Report an air quality problem

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