Get rid of pests

The council has no legal duty to treat infestations of pests. The only statutory duty it has is to require owners of places or land that are significantly infested, to take action to destroy the infestation or otherwise prevent damage from pests.

If you believe that your problem is as a result of a landowner not properly controlling an infestation on their land, please contacts us at:

Concessionary treatments

If you are in financial hardship and are currently receiving 80% or more Council Tax Support then you may qualify for free or reduced price concessionary pest treatments which the council will arrange through one of its approved contractors.

If you believe that you qualify for a concessionary treatment then you should contact the councils Contact Centre on: 01793 445500 to enquire.

Local authority tenants

If you are experiencing a pest problem and you believe that the infestation was:                         

  • pre-existing before you moved into your property or,
  • it is as a result of a defect in the building that you have previously reported to Housing Repairs.

Then the council as your landlord may arrange and pay for pest control treatments as well as carrying out any necessary repairs.

If you believe that an infestation is the responsibility of your landlord then you should report this to the Housing team on: 01793 445503.

In all other cases tenants will be responsible for arranging and paying for pest control treatments that might be necessary.

It may also be worthwhile checking your home insurance to see whether Pest Control is covered.

Some households may still qualify for concessionary treatments of pests because of the level of Council Tax Support they receive. See Concessionary Treatments above.

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