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Request a housing repair

If you are a council tenant and there is a problem in your property that is our responsibility to fix, you can request a repair.

However, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. It is often quicker and easier to do minor repairs than arrange an appointment and wait for one of our engineers to come to you.

Examples of minor repairs that you can do yourself:

  • Treat mould-affected areas
  • Tighten door handles
  • Change locks
  • Replace broken toilet seats
  • Clear blocked sinks and basins
  • Reset thermostats, time clocks or trip switches
  • Fill small cracks and holes in a wall

How-to videos

You can watch the following videos to learn how to fix some of these issues.

How to treat mould-affected areas

How to clear a blocked sink or basin

How to vent or bleed a radiator

How to reset trip switches

How to fill small cracks and holes in a wall

You can also check the repairs and maintenance section in the tenant’s handbook to find out what repairs are your responsibility to make.

Make a booking

If the fault is in your own area of a council property, report it through your 'My Housing Tenancy' online account. You can book your repair appointment and change it later if necessary. If the fault is in a communal area of a council property, report it using the appropriate form below.

If you don't already have an online account, register for 'My Housing Tenancy' using your tenancy reference number. You can find this on your rent card or on letters from us.


'My Housing Tenancy' allows you to book an appointment time that suits you. If you need to, you can also change or cancel an appointment.

A responsible adult over 18 years must be present to allow our inspector or tradesperson into your home.

Login to 'My Housing Tenancy' and request a repair

Request a repair for a communal area

If you cannot request your repair online, you can contact us in a different way.

Emergency repairs

For more information, visit our emergency housing repairs webpage.

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