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Council housing handbook


1. Your new home
2. The tenancy agreement
3. Maintenance and repairs
4. Home emergencies
5. Your safety at home
6. Living in blocks of flats or maisonettes
7. Living in multi-storey flats
8. Your behaviour
9. Getting involved
10. Complaints, feedback and procedures

Updated: 7 May 2020



This handbook is for you.

It is a guide to the services we provide and what you can expect as our customer. It is also a simple guide to your rights and responsibilities as well as ours. It provides general advice and information I am sure will be helpful.

As a housing tenant, we would also like you to consider how you can help your community. For example, by being a good neighbour and keeping your area tidy. There is a great community spirit in Swindon, especially on the estates, and we would like everyone to benefit from this and to get involved.

At the council, we focus on working with local people to support them to make a difference to where they live. Everyone has some time, talents or skills which can be used to help other people. For more information, skip to the getting involved section of the handbook.

This handbook is available online whenever you have an emergency or a question about the service we provide. A hard copy is also available on request. We have tried to make the handbook clear and easy to understand. We hope you will find it useful.

Mike Ash
Director of Housing
Swindon Borough Council

Our commitment to you

Our housing team is committed to providing you with the best possible service.

When you contact us we will:

  • treat you politely and with respect
  • deal with your enquiry promptly, efficiently and effectively
  • provide honest, accurate, advice and information

As your landlord, we will:

  • maintain your property to the decent homes standard
  • provide an efficient and effective housing management service
  • encourage tenants to get involved in managing their homes
  • make sure you are treated fairly and equally, and that everybody has equal access to the services we offer

We have designed this handbook to give you information about what it means to be our tenant, including your rights and responsibilities as well as ours.

Along with your tenancy agreement, the handbook will help you answer questions you may have about your tenancy and your home. It also has details of who to contact for information and advice.

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