Council housing handbook

Living in multi-storey flats

Chapter 7: Living in multi-storey flats

Living in high-rise flat is different to living in a house or a low-rise flat so some special rules apply.

We have eight high-rise blocks in Swindon. This section contains information for people who live in those blocks.

Each high-rise block is a small community of 41 flats, so you have to be aware of other people who live nearby. The Neighbourhood Wardens keep the shared areas of the multi-storey blocks clean.

There is a CCTV system inside and outside the multi-storey blocks to monitor security and safety. The system is monitored by staff in a control room at Waterside. They are able to identify people acting anti-socially. Data protection principles apply to the pictures recorded by the system. For more information contact 01793 464703.


You should follow these rules about lifts:

  • Don't use lifts if there is a fire.
  • If a lift breaks down when you're in it, follow the emergency instructions in the lift.
  • Report any lift breakdown to the control room on 01793 466453 outside normal working hours
  • Smoking in lifts is banned 
  • Don’t lean bikes against the walls of the lift as this leaves marks


You can only keep a small caged animal, bird or fish in your flat. You are not allowed any other pets or animals under any circumstances.


Each tenant has a shed, which you can use for storage.You must not store flammable items in the sheds.

Rubbish disposal

You should put rubbish securely in black bags and take them to the ground floor bin stores and place them in the large bins in the bin room. You must not leave rubbish in any other communal areas.

You can help your neighbourhood warden by:

  • securely wrapping sharp items before putting them in black bags
  • making sure lids are on tight or containers are empty, to prevent liquids leaking from bags

You should not put black bags on landings, in stairways or in passageways. Any bags left in these areas will be treated as fly tip waste and you could be prosecuted for not disposing of it correctly.


Please store bikes in your ground-floor shed. If you take them to your flat, be careful not to scuff or mark the walls and lifts. You must not leave your bikes in any other part of the communal area.

Notice boards

The notice boards are on the ground floor, and are for announcements, health and safety notices and other general information.

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