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Neighbourhood Wardens

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Right to buy your council home

Read about the nationwide home ownership scheme giving council tenants an opportunity to buy their home at a discounted price

Green light to housing programme

About our programme that helps council housing applicants who have affordability problems

Aids and adaptations to your council home

How we can help with adaptations if you're facing accessibility and safety difficulties in your council home

Making improvements to your council home

What you need to do if you want to make improvements to your home

Looking after your garden

About your responsibilities with your garden and how to get help with maintenance if you need it

Understanding your tenancy agreement

About the agreement between you and the council when you enter into a tenancy with us

Ending your tenancy

What you need to do if you wish to end your tenancy with us

Tenant Academy

How we work with tenants to develop skills and take positive steps towards their future

Apply for funding to refresh your neighbourhood

How you can apply for funding to make improvements that benefit your local community

Apply for the 'Work to Move' scheme

Families living in a council flat or maisonette can apply to move into a council house

Request an emergency housing repair

Understand emergency situations and how to request a repair when they happen