Looking after your garden

Many council-owned homes have a garden. The maintenance of these gardens is the responsibility of the tenant. However, help is available for those who cannot manage their own garden.

The garden standard

The garden standard, in line with your tenancy conditions, states that you 'must keep the garden (if any) in a reasonable and tidy condition'. More details about the standard are available in the following documents: 

Getting help with garden maintenance

Who is eligible? 

A tenant who has a disability, that prevents them from maintaining their garden, and has no other non-disabled person living at the address.

Do you need to move?

Speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer about what options and assistance is available to you.

Charge for services

  • Grass cutting £5.50 per week 
  • Hedge cutting £2.75 per week

By signing for the scheme you will be charged on a weekly basis and the charge will remain in place until the end of the financial year. This is even if you decide you no longer wish to remain on the scheme. 

How to apply?

Please complete the downloadable form below and return it to:

Garden Project Officer 
Civic Offices 
Euclid Street

If you would like further information about the scheme before applying, complete the online enquiry form below. You will be asked to create a My Account before you can submit the form.

Tenant garden assistance enquiry form

How to pay your garden charge

Please visit the Pay your Rent webpage. The charge can be paid in the same way you pay your rent.

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