Looking after your garden

Many council-owned homes have a garden. It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain their garden. However, help is available for tenants who cannot manage their own garden.

If you believe a council-owned garden is not being maintained correctly, you can make and enquiry to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer.

The garden standard

The conditions of your tenancy state that 'You must keep the garden (if any) in a reasonable and tidy condition'. 

Who it applies to

These standards apply to all tenants who:

  • have a tenancy with their own garden
  • have use of shared gardens, such as communal gardens
  • use communal paths and access ways

Expected garden standard for:


Grass should be no taller than ten centimetres at all times.

Shrubs and plants

Shrubs and plants should not overhang paths, neighbours’ gardens or access ways.


Hedges should be below two metres high and should not overhang pathways in a way that may be dangerous to others.


Trees need to be kept manageable. They should be removed if they are dangerous or causing structural damage.

Branches should not be left in a dangerous condition. For example, if they are too long or broken and subsequently hanging down from the tree.

Litter and waste

The garden should be kept clear of litter and waste at all times.

Bins and bin areas

All household waste should be stored in the wheelie or communal bins provided.  No rubbish should be left in bags, in the garden or next to wheelie bins.

Communal areas

Rubbish should be stored and disposed of in the appropriate location.

Large items

Large items should be removed using large item collection service.

Sheds and outbuildings

Sheds and outbuildings should not be used for storage of household waste, unless it is waiting for disposal on or during the next bin collection.


See: Recyling for flats and communally occupied properties.


Your tenancy agreement gives information about keeping pets. It is your responsibility to make sure:

  • all dog fouling is cleared up
  • where a dog is allowed in the garden that adequate fencing is installed and maintained to prevent the dog entering other gardens.

Vehicles, parking and dropped kerbs

If a vehicle is to be stored in the garden, you must have an authorised dropped kerb and hard standing parking (minimum size for a hard standing is 4.8m x 2.4m). This will be at your own expense.

Apply for a dropped kerb licence.

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