Information for new introductory council tenants

We offer an introductory tenancy for 12 months to new council tenants.

As an introductory tenant, you do not have the right to:

  • buy your home
  • exchange your home with another tenant
  • take in lodgers
  • sub-let part of your home
  • make improvements to your home

You can find more details about your rights and responsibilities in the tenants handbook.

If you are an assured tenant of a housing association, you will get a secure tenancy.

Moving from introductory tenancy to secure tenancy

After 12 months, we will offer you a secure tenancy if there are no problems with your behaviour or rent payments.

We advise you to contact your neighbourhood housing officer in case you are facing any problems or need help. We will try to find a solution to your problems so that you can continue living in your home.

If you are facing any financial difficulty, you can also get advice about paying your rent.

Breaking a tenancy agreement

We will take a serious action if you cause problems or break your tenancy agreement.

If we get any complaints about you, we will first investigate the problem. If the complaint is justified, then we will issue a warning. If you do not co-operate with our efforts to find a solution, or the problem is very serious, then we will take an action to evict you.

Evicting an introductory tenant

You will receive a notice from us informing you that we are going to court to evict you.

You can ask for a review of the decision within 14 days. A panel of senior council staff, and sometimes councillors, will review your case.

If the panel agree with our decision, we will get a court order to carry out the eviction.

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