Managing your council housing tenancy

You can manage your council housing tenancy online. 'My Housing Tenancy' account, allows you to:

  • report and manage housing repairs,
  • view your rent payments and check your account balance,
  • and update your personal details and household information.

To create an account, you will need to have your tenancy, rent or application reference number. 

Your tenancy or rent reference number is the 13-digit code which appears on your rent card and at the top of letters from the council about your tenancy.

If you cannot find your reference number or rent card, you should speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer.

Login to your 'My Housing Tenancy' account

Register for your 'My Housing Tenancy' account

Find out more about your tenancy agreement in the Tenant's Handbook.

To make a rent payment, visit the pay your council rent webpage.

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