Request an adaptation to your council home

If you are facing difficulties in accessing facilities and managing day-to-day activities in your council home, we can assist you in making alterations.

An adaptation can be something minor or major.

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are works that do not need any structural changes to the property. For example:

  • installing grab rails or banister rails
  • fitting lever taps
  • providing equipment such as a bath hoist, shower seat or half step

To request a minor adaptation, you need to log the request on My Tenancy Portal or call us on 01793 445503.

Major adaptations

Major adaptations are structural works that are specific to your needs or requirements. For example:

  • installing access ramps or stair lifts
  • widening doorways
  • lowering kitchen surfaces and cupboards
  • fitting a wet room

Further support

If you are struggling with everyday living in your council home, you may be able to request an aid or adaptation to help you. 

For advice on what may be available, contact us in one of the following ways:

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Customer Services
Swindon Borough Council
Civic Offices
Euclid Street
Swindon. SN1 2JH 

Further information can also be found on the Local Offer website.

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