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Swindon Borough Council removes graffiti from publicly-owned buildings and structures within the Borough of Swindon. We also offer a free service to remove graffiti and tags from private homes in the Borough (see below for details).

Request the removal of graffiti online

We will remove offensive or abusive graffiti on Council buildings and structures in one working-day once the presence of the graffiti being reported to us. We will remove non-offensive or abusive graffiti from Council buildings and structures within ten working-days.

Where graffiti is on privately owned business property or structures (e.g. gas tanks, BT/Virgin boxes, electricity and water sub-stations etc.) you should contact the owners of the property to arrange for removal.

Graffiti removal from your home

We offer a free service to remove graffiti from your home. Terms and conditions apply to this service and you must complete a Removal of Graffiti Disclaimer (PDF) to acknowledge acceptance of them before removal work can done. On receipt of a completed disclaimer, we will schedule the graffiti removal work, which will be done within 28 working-days.

There are two types of service:

  • High-pressure jet washing
  • Over-painting

We use over-painting if we believe there may be a likelihood the surface could be damaged by jet washing. If you are concerned about the Jet Washing option you may opt for over-painting only by indicating so on the disclaimer.
When you have downloaded and completed the disclaimer, please either:

Send a scanned copy to us by e-mail to

Post a copy to us at:

Street Cleaning Department 
Swindon Borough Council 
Waterside Park
Darby Close
Cheney Manor Industrial Estate 

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