Exchanging your council home

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How long does a mutual exchange take?

We have 42 days from receipt of the last application to make a decision. This is a decision deadline only and is not a deadline for moving. There is no way of telling how long an exchange will take. It depends on the checks required.

Can I swap my garage?

No. You can keep your garage, but you cannot transfer your garage. If your exchange partner wants to rent a garage, they must apply for one in the usual way. See Garages and parking bays.

Can I have an extra bedroom?

We will consider all applications that ask for an extra bedroom, depending on circumstances. You will be asked for additional information to support you application. However, this does not mean it will be accepted.

I’ve moved but the previous tenant has left the property in a mess. What will you do about it?

We will not remove any rubbish left behind by a previous tenant, nor will we clean the property if it is left it in a mess. You will be told at the time you sign for an exchange that the property needs to be left clean and rubbish free. If anything is left behind, it will be the new tenant’s responsibility.

When should I start packing?

Mutual exchanges can be refused at any time. Those involved may pull out until the day they sign. We would advise waiting until you have written confirmation of an exchange and an agreed moving date.

What happens if my property inspection fails?

If your property inspection fails, the surveyor that attends will advise what you must do in order for it to pass. They will then give you a date for a re-inspection. As long as you have carried out the advised improvements, the property should pass at this stage.

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