Council garages and parking bays

We have garages and car parking bays for rent. These can be used for vehicles or, in the case of garages, for storage.

There will typically be a waiting time of over one year for a garage in high-demand areas, including Moredon, Pinehurst, Liden and Stratton. Garages and parking bays in high-demand areas cost more than ones in other areas for non-council tenants. See: Rental charges

Waiting times are generally less if choosing garages or parking bays in Penhill, Park North or Park South. This is because there are more plots to choose from.

Please be patient after applying as waiting times can be three to six months, or even longer. They are likely to be more than 12 months in a high demand area.

Do not re-apply as this won't speed up your application. If your request for a garage is urgent, you may need to seek storage from alternative providers. We will be in contact with you when you are next on the waiting list to be offered a garage. If you need to change any of the details entered, you can email us at

List of garage and parking bay locations

(HDA = High demand area)

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  • Churchill Avenue
  • Ermin Street
  • Holdcroft Close
  • Linley Road
  • Lonsdale Close

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  • Covingham Square

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Town centre

  • Church Place
  • Taunton Street – Parking bays

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  • Castle View Road
  • Foundry Rise
  • Richard Jefferies Gardens
  • The Crescent
  • Windmill Piece

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  • Bowleymead
  • Colingsmead
  • Islandsmead
  • Stubsmead

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  • Skinners Close

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  • Home Farm
  • Orange Close
  • Turnpike Road
  • Vorda Road

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Haydon Wick

  • Greenmeadow Avenue
  • Greenvalley Avenue

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  • Upfield
  • Conan Doyle Walk

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  • Purley Road
  • Spinney Close

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  • Abbey View Road
  • Barbury Close
  • Barton Road
  • Baydon Close
  • Boscombe Road
  • Charlbury Close
  • Coombe Road
  • Elborough Road
  • Foxhill Close
  • Green Hill Road
  • Lulworth Road
  • Montrose Close
  • Moredon Park
  • Northleaze Close
  • Ventnor Close

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Park North

  • Axbridge Close
  • Banwell Avenue
  • Beaufort Green
  • Bembridge Close
  • Blandford Court
  • Bridport Road
  • Buckland Close
  • Chickerell Road
  • Clanfield Road
  • Clevedon Close
  • Dawlish Road
  • Hartland Close
  • Honiton Road
  • Kenton Close
  • Lyndhurst Crescent
  • Silverton Road
  • Tavistock Road
  • Verwood Close

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Park South

  • Carstairs Avenue
  • Dalwood Close
  • Davenham Close
  • Denholme Road
  • Grantley Close
  • Hazlemere Close
  • Hillingdon Road
  • Keynsham Walk
  • Kimberley Road
  • Kingsway Close
  • Kirby Close
  • Monkton Close
  • Netherton Close
  • Ripon Way
  • Sherwod Road
  • Stanway Close
  • Thornbridge Avenue

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  • Alton Close
  • Allington Close
  • Bratton Close
  • Burbage Road
  • Charlton Close
  • Corsham Road
  • Downton Road
  • Durnford Road
  • Imber Walk
  • Marston Avenue
  • Milston Avenue
  • Oaksey Road
  • Odstock Road
  • Pewsham Road
  • Southwick Avenue
  • Stapleford Way
  • Stockton Road
  • Tisbury Close
  • Wilcot Avenue
  • Wingfield Avenue
  • Winsley Close

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  • Alanbrooke Crescent
  • Cuningham Road
  • Fir Tree Close
  • Mulberry Close
  • Pound Lane
  • Tedder Close
  • The Bungalows
  • The Circle

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South Marston

  • Greenfields
  • Highworth Road

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Stanton Fitzwarren

  • Trenchard Road

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  • Beechcroft Road
  • Brooks Close
  • Hathaway Road
  • Keats Crescent
  • Kingsdown Road
  • Park Street
  • Ruskin Avenue
  • Shakespeare Path
  • St Margarets Green
  • Wildern Square

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  • Bothwell Road
  • Buckhurst Crescent
  • Dacre Road
  • Darnley Close
  • Hatton Grove
  • Howard Close
  • Markham Close
  • Raleigh Avenue
  • Sackville Close
  • Shrewsbury Road
  • Spenser Close

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  • Kite Hill
  • Warneage Green

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  • Bladen Close
  • Cowleaze Crescent
  • Elcombe Avenue
  • Markham Place
  • Overton Hill
  • St Andrews Close

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