Find a mobile home or touring caravan site

Swindon Borough Council is responsible for licensing and enforcing standards at touring caravan and mobile home sites in the Borough of Swindon.

Touring sites

There are currently no touring sites in the Borough of Swindon.

Mobile home sites

The following table contains details of the licensed mobile homes sites within the Borough of Swindon:

 Name and address  Units  Site rules
Blunsdon Abbey Caravan Park
Blunsdon Abbey
Lady Lane
 112 Blunsdon Abbey Caravan Park - site rules (PDF)
Brookmeadow Caravan Park
High Street
 61 Brookmeadow Caravan Park - site rules (PDF)
Abbeywood Caravan Park
23 Green Road
Stratton St Margaret
 10 Abbeywood Caravan Park - site rules (PDF)
Kingsdown Caravan Park
Kingsdown Road
Stratton St Margaret

Kingsdown Caravan Park - site rules (PDF)

Site standards

The maintenance of standards at each site is the responsibility of the site owner. Before you apply for the licence, you need read and understand the licence conditions:

How to apply

To apply, download and complete an application form for caravan site licence (PDF)

Advice for mobile home occupiers

Although site licence conditions are the legal responsibility of the site owner, there are many things that occupiers can do to protect their, and their neighbours', health and safety. The following information leaflet outlines the key dos and don'ts for caravan occupiers:

If you are concerned about any issue relating to caravan park licensing or the standards that apply to them, please download and complete the caravan site request for contact form (PDF)

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