Exchanging your council home

Can I exchange my property?

To be able to exchange your property, you must:

  • be a secure and flexible council tenant or an assured tenant from a Housing Association
  • ensure you do not have a court order or a notice to quit for either rent arrears or anti-social behaviour
  • have a clear rent account 
  • make sure that the homes to be swapped are the correct size for the people living in them. For example, a single person or couple with no dependents will not be able to exchange to a house. This would only be suitable for families. However, if a flat with one extra bedroom has been found, the single person or couple may be considered.
  • give consent for the exchange if you are a landlord. This includes those that are not part of  the council
  • provide medical proof that you need a property with adaptations if that is what you are applying for

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