Exchanging your council home

What happens next?

Your application will be processed by the new tenancy and exchange officers. The landlord has 42 days to decide whether the exchange can go ahead or not.

After initial checks have been completed, and your application is accepted, you will receive a letter stating that consent has been given in principle. If your application is refused you will receive a letter outlining the reason(s) why.

Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will then contact you within the next five working days to arrange a convenient time for a property inspection to be carried out.

The documents below provide further guidance:

If your application is refused you will receive a letter outlining the reason(s) why.

If your property passes inspection, an electrical safety check will be arranged for you.

When everything is complete and everyone is ready, we can discuss sign up and moving dates. When the dates to sign and move have been agreed, you will receive written confirmation. You must not move until consent has been given and the relevant paperwork has been completed. The exchange can be refused or cancelled at any stage until all paperwork is signed and approved.

Please note, if you are exchanging into a council property, regardless of circumstances, a rent payment is due when you sign. You will need to pay up to a month in advance. Failure to do so will result in the exchange being cancelled.

The table below indicates when rent is due

When I currently pay my rent When rent is required
Weekly One week in advance
Fortnightly Two weeks in advance
Monthly Four weeks in advance
I receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit You will be required to pay a minimum of one week in advance

Completing the Exchange

If you are a secure tenant this is done by an Agreement of Assignment, which is signed by both the outgoing tenant and the incoming tenant and witnessed by an officer of your landlord. The agreement transfers the existing tenancy of the property from one tenant to the other tenant, without creating a new tenancy.

If you are on a five year or ten year flexible tenancy then this is done by surrender and re-grant. You will be asked to sign a termination form surrender and sign a relevant flexible tenancy agreement (re-grant).

Please understand that you must not move under any circumstances before the mutual exchange process has been completed. Should you do so, you will lose your security of tenure and Swindon Borough Council will take legal action against you. This means that you could possibly lose your home.

Make an enquiry

If you would like further information about mutual exchanges, use our online form below:

Mutual exchange enquiry form

Alternatively, email: Mx@swindon.gov.uk.

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