Household waste collections

Waste collections in Swindon

We are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling to protect our environment.

We collect your recycling boxes or reusable recycling bags and black wheelie bin every fortnight.

We will collect your food waste and refuse bags weekly.

We will collect waste that is put in your containers and left out, clearly visible, at the closest point to the public highway by 6.30am on your collection day. Any waste outside containers won't be collected, and instead should be presented on your next collection day.

Your collection day depends on where you live. You can find your collection day using our online calendar.

You can also take household waste to the household waste recycling centre (HWRC).

Types of waste collections
Type of collection How often? What's collected

Recycling boxes (including textiles recycling)

Recycling boxes (including textiles recycling)


Recyclable materials:

  • Paper and card - Recycling box 1
  • Glass bottles and jars - Recycling box 2
  • Textiles - Placed in a separate white or transparent plastic bag

More information: Recycling collections

Reusable recycling bag

Reusable recycling bag


Plastic and metal recyclable materials. For example, plastic food tubs, cans and aerosols 

More information: Recycling collections

Food waste

Food waste bin


Food leftovers. 

More information: Food waste collections

Black wheelie bin or refuse bags

Black wheelie bin or refuse bags

Black wheelie bin -  fortnightly

Refuse bags - weekly

Items you cannot recycle. For example, nappies, sanitary products, crisp packets and chocolate wrappers.

More information:

Green wheelie bin, black wheelie bin with a green lid, or green bag (garden waste)

(subscription service)

Garden waste. For example, grass cuttings, flowers and weeds.

More information: Garden waste

Communal recycling (for flats and other communal buildings)


Clearly labelled wheelie bins for separate collections of:

  • Paper and card
  • Glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and foil

More information: Recycling for flats and communally occupied properties

Bulky waste

Scheduled on request
(paid-for service)

Large and free standing household items. For example, fridges, mattresses and home furniture.

More information: Disposal of large household items (bulky waste)

Clinical waste

Scheduled on request
(Weekly, fortnightly or one-off)

Hazardous clinical waste. For example, wound dressings, catheters and stoma bags.

More information: Clinical waste collections

Missed collections

We will collect wheelie bins and rubbish bags that meet the requirements stated above.

If your rubbish has not been collected when you believe it should have been, you should report a missed collection by 12 midnight on the working day that follows the missed collection.

Assisted collection

We offer an assisted collection for people who are physically unable to transport their household rubbish and recycling to the front of their property.

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