Household waste collections

Blue bag collections

Homes that cannot store a wheelie bin within their boundary (for example homes with no frontage), receive an allocation of blue rubbish bags.

Deliveries of 26 blue sacks take place in January, April, July and October. This is 104 per year and enough for two every week. We only collect sacks provided by the council.

In most cases we collect blue rubbish bags weekly. You can find your collection day using our online calendar.

Your blue bags should:

  • contain general household rubbish
  • not contain garden waste and things you can recycle
  • be ready for collection from 6.30am
  • not attract foxes and cats (for example, leftover meat should be double-bagged)

Additional blue bags

If you have moved home and there are no bags at the property, you can order blue bags online.

Order replacement  blue bags

If you are unable to cope with 104 sacks a year because of the size of your family, you can request an assessment with one of our waste wardens. They will determine whether or not you can have additional bags.

Request a waste warden assessment

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