Bins, rubbish and recycling

Bins, rubbish and recycling

Waste and recycling collections have changed

We're now collecting food waste throughout the borough. Other changes have happened too. Find out more about how collections have changed

Household recycling collections

Find out about items you can put in your household recycling and how and when to present your recycling for collection

Household waste collections

Find out about what you should put in your household waste and how to present it for collection

Food waste collections

Find out about what you can put in food waste, how to present it, and when we collect it

Request clinical waste collections

Ask for collections of syringes and other clinical waste from your home

Get assistance with your bins

Get help to take your bins out if you are unable to do this yourself

Dispose of business or commercial waste

How to have your waste removed safely and responsibly

Dispose of asbestos

How to have your asbestos removed safely and responsibly

Book a waste and recycling education event

Sustainable waste management sessions for groups and schools