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Garden waste subscription

New customers

We can collect garden waste from your home on an optional, paid-for basis in addition to your normal rubbish collection and recycling collections.

We collect garden waste in wheelie bins or sack that we supply. The wheelie bins have green lids (the bins themselves may be green or black) and the sacks are green. The waste is composted and recycled into environmentally-friendly soil improver.

Further details about the collection itself are on the garden waste collection page.

A fortnightly garden waste collection subscription costs £50 per bin, per year and is subject to terms and conditions.

A new subscription made part way through the subscription period reduces in cost as follows:

  • £36 from 1 July
  • £24 from 1 October
  • £18 from 1 January

A mid-year subscription would need to be renewed in March just like a full-year subscription.

Subscribe for a garden waste collection

How the subscription works

New subscribers receive one 240-litre wheelie bin (green, or black with a green lid) or an annual supply of 100 green waste sacks. Sacks are supplied when we identify the property as being unsuitable for wheelie bins.

The service costs £50 for a year for 25 fortnightly collections of one bin or council-supplied sacks. The cost reduces on a pro-rata basis for new subscriptions starting from 1 July, 1 October and 1 January. You can have an additional bin for your property for an additional subscription fee.

The service runs from 1 April until 31 March, apart from two weeks over Christmas.

We deliver your bin or supply of bags within ten working days receiving your payment. Your first collection happens on your first collection day after receiving your bin or bags.

Displaying your sticker

Once we receive payment, we will send by post a subscription sticker for each wheelie bin you’ve paid for. This is to display on your bin. You won’t receive any stickers if you’re using green sacks for your garden waste.

The sticker should be placed on the back of your bin between the handles. When you leave your bin out for collection, face the handle towards the road so that the sticker is clearly visible.

If either your bin, bags or subscription sticker has not been delivered after ten working days, you should let us know by completing the garden waste enquiry form.

Payment options

You can pay online by credit card, debit card or Direct Debit.

Direct Debit

When you pay online you can choose to set up a Direct Debit for an easy, no fuss, single annual payment. We will notify you before we take future payments from your account and all payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.

Direct Debit is only available when paying online and is one annual payment. There is no option to pay for your subscription monthly.

Your right to cancel

You have 14 days to cancel the service for any reason without incurring any cost. This period starts on the date we accept your order. If you cancel within this period, we will reimburse the payment we’ve received from you.

To cancel, use the manage your subscription form or the garden waste enquiry form.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for the service are available to download here:

Subscribe for a garden waste collection

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