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Garden waste subscription

Manage, change or cancel your subscription

New 2019/20 subscriptions now suspended

Please note: New subscriptions for 2019/20 garden waste collections (ending 31 March 2020) are now suspended. This means you cannot currently add a new subscription to your existing one.

New subscriptions and renewals for 2020/21 collections (starting 1 April 2020) will be available online from Monday, 24 February 2020.

Adding a subscription

One annual subscription costing £50 entitles you to one 240-litre wheelie bin that has a green lid. Or, an annual supply of 100 green waste sacks. However, you are not limited to one subscription per household. You can have up to five bins, each for an additional subscription fee.

A new subscription made part way through the subscription period is charged on a pro-rata basis. This would need to be renewed in March just like your original full-year subscription.

Moving house

If you are moving to another house in the borough and want to continue having garden waste collected, you can transfer your subscription to your new home. You would then take your garden waste wheelie bin or sacks with you when you move.

You can let us know you’re moving by completing a garden waste enquiry form, detailing your old and new addresses.

You should allow ten working days for the amendments to be made.

Cancelling your subscription

You have the right to cancel your subscription within 14 days without incurring a cost. After this, your garden waste subscription can be cancelled, but you will not receive a refund.

For instance, you may move out of the borough part way through a subscription period. If so, you can cancel your collection, but you will not receive a partial refund for the collections that remain unused for the duration of the subscription period.

You can let us know you wish to cancel using the garden waste enquiry form.

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