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Stickers and missed collections

We have invested in new software that means collection crews know exactly which properties have a garden waste subscription. This means bins do not need a sticker.

Our operatives are also able to report when non-subscribed bins are presented or if there is an issue preventing collection (for example an access issue or a bin not being out or being contaminated).

You can report a missed collection. You need to do this by the end of the working day after your scheduled collection. This is so that we have time to investigate and return before the next collection is due.

We may have left a sticker on your bin saying you need to subscribe. If you believe you have subscribed and our information is wrong, you can report a missed collection using your WGW reference number.

If you are not able to do this, please raise a garden waste enquiry to let us know. Generally it may help to clearly identify your property number on your bin so our operatives are sure which property the bin belongs to.

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You need to renew your subscription by 17 March 2023 for an uninterrupted service. 

Subscriptions for 2022/23 will expire on 31 March 2023 and will not show on our crews' in-cab devices for collection after this date. 

You can renew until 28 April 2023 but you will not receive a collection until the subscription has been paid. The subscription will expire after this date and you will not be able to renew.

Yes, you can change this when you renew. You just need to select the 'renew with changes' option.

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Price and payment

The cost of a subscription has increased from £52.50 to £59.99. This reflects current inflation levels and increased operational costs.

Yes. If you're an existing subscriber you can select the cancel option in the renew form or leave it to expire. You can start a new subscription when you're ready. The price of a 2023/24 subscription will reduce as follows:

  • £49.99 from 1 July 2023
  • £39.99 from 1 October 2023

Please raise a garden waste enquiry to let us know. You need to provide details of the payment types, dates and amounts. Please also share the email receipts if you have them available.

Please raise a garden waste enquiry to let us know. You need to provide details of the payment type, date and amount. Please also share the email receipt if you have it available.

Direct Debit payments are taken on 2 March 2023. We will process requests for refunds made before 1 April 2023. You need to raise a garden waste enquiry and provide details of the payment and cancellation reason.

We will not process refunds requested after 1 April 2023 as per the service terms and conditions. You can cancel your subscription at any time after this date, and this will cancel your Direct Debit for renewal for 2024/25. 

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Direct Debits

You can only pay by Direct Debit if that is your existing payment method. Otherwise, you need to pay by card either online or by phone.

No. Your subscription will renew automatically and your payment of £59.99 will be taken on 2 March 2023. If payment is not successful we will notify you by email.

Yes, but it is too late to change before the scheduled renewal payment on 2 March 2023.

You should renew automatically and raise a garden waste enquiry before 1 April 2023 if you wish to cancel a bin and get a partial refund.

You can manage your subscription online from 3 April 2023. It is too late to add another bin before this date.

Please raise a garden waste enquiry to let us know the details.

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Reusable bags

Single use plastic bags caused unnecessary additional waste and contaminated the whole vehicle load of garden waste collected. This contamination had to be removed manually, at significant extra cost.

Reusable bags are also safer for our collection crews as they have less risk of sharp materials escaping and bags splitting. The handles on the bag improve handling and reduce the risk of injury.

The change of bags makes no difference to the service terms and conditions.

Your waste should be contained within your bags and not be overflowing, jammed in or too heavy for one person to lift.

Your bags must be presented outside your property boundary, clearly visible from the road, by 6.30am on your collection day.

The reusable bags provided are a larger capacity than the plastic sacks we supplied previously. You may need to cut waste into smaller pieces so that it stays contained in the bag.

If you wish, you can add a subscription to get an extra supply of two reusable bags. You can manage your subscription online from 3 April 2023.

This is possible. Please raise a garden waste enquiry to make a request.

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