Important ID requirements for local elections on 3 May 2018

Anyone who lives and votes in the Borough of Swindon will be required to bring their poll card as a form of ID to vote in the local elections on 3 May 2018.

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Book a waste and recycling education event for your group or school

We provide a free waste and recycling education event for all community groups and schools in the Borough of Swindon. The event provides information and help to develop a sustainable waste management programme, thus ensuring a better quality of life for everyone both now and in the future.
The event covers:

  • A vision for a sustainable waste management in Swindon.
  • The means by which waste may be reduced, recycled or re-used to recover value.
  • Environmental issues such as litter and graffiti.
  • Ideas to recycle more and waste less.

Request a waste warden presentation online

When you request a presentation or talk, we will contact you to discuss options and to agree the time and place for the event to take place.

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