Household waste collections

Wheelie bin collections

The container you use for household waste you cannot recycle depends on the nature of your property. In most cases, we supply a 180-litre black bin. We provide a supply of blue bags to properties that we have assessed as being unsuitable for wheelie bins.

We collect your black wheelie bin fortnightly. You can find your collection day using our online calendar.

Your wheelie bin should:

  • contain general household rubbish
  • not contain garden waste and things you can recycle
  • be ready for collection at the closest point to the public highway from 6.30am
  • be closed and not overflowing
  • contain all your rubbish (we won't collect anything left on top or to the side of your bin)

Replacement or additional bins

If you don't have a bin or your bin is damaged or no longer fit for use, you can get a new one from us.

If you are unable to cope with one wheelie bin because of the size of your family, you can request an assessment with one of our waste wardens. They will assess whether or not you can have an additional bin.

On the other hand, you may feel your property is unsuitable for a wheelie bin and you would like a blue bag collection instead. Again, you would need to request an assessment with one of our waste wardens.

Request a waste warden assessment

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