Household rubbish


Household waste can either be collected from your home or taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

There are four types of home collections:

Your non-recyclable rubbish collection

Some of your household waste, such as food waste and nappies, should go in your general rubbish. This should not include things you can recycle and garden waste.

The container you use for your collected rubbish depends on the nature of your property. In most cases, we supply a 180-litre black bin for non-recyclable household rubbish. We provide a supply of blue bags to properties that we have assessed as being unsuitable for wheelie bins.

We will collect rubbish that is put out in black wheelie bins or blue rubbish bags and left out, clearly visible, at the closest point to the public highway by 6.30am on your collection day.

Your collection day depends on where you live. You can find your collection day using our online calendar.

Missed collections

We will collect wheelie bins and rubbish bags that meet the requirements stated above. If your rubbish has not been collected when you believe it should have been, you should report a missed collection by 12 midnight on the working day that follows the missed collection.

Assisted collection

We offer an assisted collection for people who are physically unable to transport their household rubbish and recycling to the front of their property.

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