Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC)

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Three children of varying age, walking hand in hand towards We need foster carers to provide care for children who have fled their homes from across the world and have arrived in the UK on their own. There has been an increase in unaccompanied children seeking refuge in Swindon.

Research shows that a nurturing home has a positive impact on children in these circumstances. This increases if a cultural, language or religious connection can be found, helping children to feel even more more settled, safe and understood.

We have a wealth of experience in supporting foster carers to build relationships with children and overcome challenges such as language barriers through the use of Google translate, providing access to translators and links into the community. 

A foster carer's thoughts

Nikki, who fosters with Swindon, has been fostering for eight years and has cared for several children seeking refuge in the UK.

Here's what she says:

I have tried all types of fostering but my heart is with caring for asylum seeking children. When they arrive they are always scared and the language barrier often means they have no clue what is happening to them.

These young people have left their families, friends and culture to flee to the UK and they are lonely, scared and sometimes overwhelmed. They are living with strange people from another culture to their own, the foods, the way of life is very different to their own and they need someone there to support them and guide them through it."

It’s a joy to see them communicate with me, say words in English and the pleasure they get by being understood. It’s lovely to see them watch TV, where once they would be just looking at the screen, now they’re laughing at the comedy and understand what the films are about. It’s an honour listening to them tell you about their beautiful countries and families if they can."

You could also become a lifeline to a child or teenager. We need foster carers who can care for children in Swindon, including those seeking asylum.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a foster carer, please get in touch with us.

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