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Adult and youth laughing and eating mince piesAs a foster carer, you will receive a weekly allowance for each child in your care. This is intended to cover costs for food, clothing, household costs, pocket money and travel. You will be given any equipment you need for the child's care such as a car seats or cot.

We also provide a skills payment per child, which is based on your level of skills and experience.

We also provide holiday, birthday and Christmas or religious festival payments for the children in your care.

Fostering allowances

£300 per week per child.

Skills payments

  • Level 1 - £108 per week per child
  • Level 2 - £130 per week per child
  • Level 3 - £185 per week per child

Birthday/name day, festival and holiday allowances

  • Birthday/name day - extra one week's allowance
  • Festival - extra one week's allowance paid at the start of December
  • Holiday - extra two week's allowance paid at an agreed time, to be used for holidays, day trips and activities

Whilst our allowances may differ from other fostering services, we offer other benefits which you may not find elsewhere.

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