Council Tax Support


Council Tax Support is help towards your Council Tax bill. If you are the person who is liable for the Council Tax bill and you are living on a low income, you can apply for Council Tax Support.

Unless you are a pensioner, or a member of your household receives a disability allowance or premium, or you are a War Widow(er) or have a War Disablement Pension, the following will apply;

  • You will receive a maximum support of 80% of the Council Tax bill (you will have to pay at least 20%), and any support awarded will be based on 80% of the full Council Tax bill.
  • You will not receive support if you have savings over £6,000.
  • Any Child Benefit payments will be included as an income in the calculation.
  • You will see any non-dependant deductions increased by £5 per week.
  • Second adult rebate payments cannot be claimed.

Pensioners or claimants receiving a disability allowance or premium are allowed to have up to £16,000 savings or investments and make a claim for Council Tax Support.

Full details of the Swindon scheme can be found in the Council Tax Support Scheme document (PDF).

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