Change of circumstances

Reporting a change in circumstances that may affect your benefit claim

If you have had any change in circumstances, which may affect your benefit claim, such as a change in your finances, household or address, you can report the change using the form below.

Examples of changes we need to know about are listed below:

  • If you or your partner receive an inheritance
  • If you or your partner starts work or your earnings change
  • If anyone in your household starts or leaves full-time education
  • If anyone goes into hospital for more than four weeks, known as temporary absence
  • If anyone in your household leaves the address for four weeks or more, whether in Great Britain or abroad, known as temporary absence
  • If anyone joins your household, for example, the birth of a baby or the return of grown up children
  • If anyone leaves your household, for example, a child going to university

If you are not sure if we need to know about the change, we would advise you to tell us anyway.

Evidence must be supplied to support any change in circumstances that you tell us about. We may contact you to clarify the details provided.

Report a change of address or circumstance online

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