Council Tax Support


If you disagree with a decision about your Council Tax Support, you can:

  • Ask us to explain the decision in more detail
  • Ask us to look at your Council Tax Support again and reconsider it
  • Make an appeal to Swindon Borough Council which can progress to an independent tribunal

How to request an explanation, revision of your claim or appeal

If you would like us to look at your claim again, or if you wish to appeal, you must let us know as soon as possible of the decision being made. If you make an appeal to the council and the council fail to respond, you will be able to appeal to the Council Tax Valuation Tribunal Service in accordance with the Council Tax Appeals Regulations.

Further information

For independent advice or help with your appeal, you might want to contact an advice agency or organisation such as Swindon Citizens Advice, Wiltshire Law Centre, Parks Advice Point or a solicitor.

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