Payment and allowances for foster carers

We recognise that fostering is an important job that requires commitment, time and energy so we’ll give you generous payments and allowances to recognise your skills. We will also give you holiday, birthday and Christmas or religious festival payments for children in your care.

As a foster carer you will receive a weekly allowance for each child in your care. This will include the cost of food, clothing, household costs, pocket money and travel costs. You will also be given all the equipment you need such as car seats or cots.

From April 2019 Age band 
0-4 years
Age band
5-10 years
Age band
11-15 years
Age band 
16-17 years
Swindon basic allowance per week £150.53 £171.00 £245.76 £260.10

In addition, you will receive a weekly fee based on your skill level.

From April 2019 Amount per week
Entry level £0.00
Level one £58.00
Level two £80.00
Level three £135

There is also a 24 hour rate for Home and Away carers which is based on the carers skill level.

Carers skill level 0-10 years 11-18 years
Approved £34.11 £54.79
Core £38.40 £59.10
Qualified £42.69 £63.39
Advanced £53.43 £74.12
Enhanced Salary Salary

Our upfront costs may not be comparable with Independent Fostering Agencies (IFAs) however, we offer many other benefits which you may not find elsewhere. Check these out on the Why foster with us webpage.



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