Our foster carer stories

Our foster carers are the best people to tell you what it’s like to foster with us. Hear some of their stories, where they talk about what fostering means to them, why they decided to do it and their experiences so far.

  • Michelle and Emma’s story: Emma lived with foster carer Michelle for five years – hear about the difference it made to both of their lives
  • Graham and Ruth’s story: Having fostered with us for over 20 years, Graham and Ruth have lots of stories and advice to share
  • Sandra’s story: Sandra and her family have had a range of placements over the years, and here she talks about their experience of fostering so far
  • Suzie and Mark’s story: Suzie and Mark transferred to our fostering service from an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA)
  • Beth’s story: Beth’s parents became foster carers when she was 19-years-old and here she shares how that experience was for her
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