Your options at 16

The apprenticeship family

You can choose to train while you work by taking on an apprenticeship, traineeship or supported internship. 


An apprenticeship gives you hands-on experience, a salary and the opportunity to gain qualifications while you work - even a degree. There are over 280 types of apprenticeship for over 1,500 job roles – anything from engineering to boat-building, or veterinary nursing to accountancy. 

Is an apprenticeship a good fit for you?

Find out what option is best and check your eligibility on the apprenticeship website.

Find an apprenticeship and look for vacancies in your area on the website. There are many examples of successful apprenticeships in Swindon.

You can also view the apprenticeship guide on the website or visit the following pages:


A traineeship gets you ready for work or for doing an apprenticeship. They last from six weeks to six months and provide essential work preparation training, literacy and numeracy skills and work experience to get an apprenticeship or other job.

Find out if a traineeship is a good fit for you on the apprenticeship website. So far, there has been a  limited range of traineeships available locally. 

Supported internships 

These are for students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who want to get a job and need extra support. They last for at least six months and are unpaid. You get work experience and an employer trains you to do a job role. You also get to study for qualifications or other courses to help you get ready to take up a job.

Find out further information about local training providers offering supported internships.

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