Becoming a school governor

How to register your interest 

For further information on becoming a governor and to register your interest, go to the Inspiring Governance website.

Becoming a governor

Governors are appointed to provide:

  • strong links between the school and the community it serves 
  • a wide experience of the outside world 
  • an independent view 
  • a visible form of accountability for the headteacher and staff of the school 
  • a team focusing on long term development and improvement 
  • accountability to the community for the use of resources and the standards of teaching and learning in the school 
  • support for the headteacher and staff

Governors are expected to: 

  • attend meetings of the governing body 
  • work as a member of the governing body (not as an individual) in the best interests of the school 
  • show an interest in school activities 
  • become well-informed about education in general and about their school in particular 
  • become familiar with the rules of school governance 
  • attend training courses, where appropriate

Governors will also be involved in the following activities: 

  • Senior staff appointments 
  • The financial management of the school 
  • Pupil discipline 
  • The curriculum 
  • Community links 

What we hope you will get out of being a governor: 

  • The knowledge that you are helping schools and pupils 
  • The satisfaction of giving something back to the community 
  • A sense of purpose and achievement 
  • New skills which may be useful elsewhere 
  • Broader horizons 

What we hope you can offer:

  • Time (approximately six hours a month) 
  • Commitment and tact 
  • A willingness to learn 
  • A listening ear and an enquiring mind 
  • The ability to assimilate information, make judgements and take decisions 
  • The ability to work as part of a team  

Training and support 

Governor Support provides training and support for governors in Swindon. Most governing bodies pay an annual subscription to purchase the training package provided by Governor Support. Therefore, governors are able to attend training free of charge.

Training is offered for both the full governing body and individual governors.

All governors share the responsibility of making the governing body effective and efficient. This is supported by setting the remit of the body and its committees, being well informed and attending the meetings.

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