Your options at 16

Studying full-time

If you are aged 16 to 19 and intend to study full-time, then you will be applying for a study programme. The right study programme for you will depend on your achievements so far and your career goals.

Your programme will either be built around your A level choices (the academic route) or the applied or technical qualifications you are interested in (the vocational route).

Both programmes should include work experience and the study of English and Maths if you do not already have a GCSE grade A*-C in these subjects.

Full-time, academic study programmes

Swindon young people study A levels at many institutions. All of the following institutions often have 50 or more Swindon residents studying with them:  

Full-time, vocational study programmes

A vocational study programme will prepare you for employment. It will give you the technical knowledge and practical skills valued by industry. There are a huge range of vocational study programmes to suit all interests and abilities – if you are not sure where to start, perhaps you should visit the careers advice page first.

Young people in Swindon study vocational programmes at many institutions. These institutions range in size and their offers are very different, often built around the needs of an individual student. All of the following institutions often have at least 30 Swindon residents studying with them: 

In 2016, Crowdys Hill School opened a sixth form for the first time, to offer its own range of vocational programmes.

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