Concessionary bus pass and travel vouchers

Using a bus pass or travel vouchers

We offer a free bus pass or travel vouchers for older or disabled people. You can choose only one of them depending on your age and disability requirements.

Bus pass

You can use this pass to travel for free on local buses anywhere in England during off-peak hours. You will need to pay if you travel outside off-peak hours. Blind people can use a bus pass anytime in Swindon.

Off-peak hours are:

  • Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 11.00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays - anytime

Travel vouchers

We offer travel vouchers as an alternative to bus travel. These are available to people who have severe mobility problems. You may opt for these vouchers if you are not able to use public buses.

People who successfully apply for travel vouchers will get a booklet of vouchers worth £80 per year.  We issue the vouchers every financial year (roughly start of April to end of March), so the amount you initially receive will depend on the time of year you apply. Each voucher shows your photograph.

You can use these vouchers anytime of day to pay for community transport services and private hire operators. You cannot use travel vouchers on public buses.

You should check the fare before you book, as prices may vary between operators.

While booking, you should tell the operator if you are travelling with a wheelchair and that you intend to pay with vouchers. You must write the date of travel on the voucher before you hand it to the driver.

List of operators who accept travel vouchers

Operator Type Vehicle Contact number
24/7 Swindon taxis Private hire Wheelchair friendly 01793 469247
1st call Swindon taxis Private hire Wheelchair friendly 01793 205121
Akcess Community transport Wheelchair friendly

01793 855550

Easy rider Private hire Wheelchair friendly 07535682743
Radio taxis ltd Private hire Saloon cars 01793 536666
Swindon dial a ride Community transport Wheelchair friendly 01793616050
Town travel Private ambulance Wheelchair friendly

01793 330781

07958 623639
United radio cars Private hire Saloon cars

01793 522533

01793 611111
V cars ltd Private hire Saloon cars 01793 701701

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