Apply for street name or number

If a property is already numbered, its owner can apply to add a name to it, but they must notify the Council of the change in writing.

The name will not form part of the official address of the property, and the number must continue to be used in correspondence or any reference to the property.

Where a property owner wishes to change the name of a property which does not have a number, they must apply to the Council in writing prior to the change, so that the proposed changes can be checked against existing records.

Approval of the change will be issued in writing.

If the change is likely to cause a problem, the owner will be asked to provide alternative names.

How to apply 

Apply to register street naming/numbering online

Alternatively, download and complete a Street Naming/Numbering Application Form (PDF)

The same applicaiton forms are used in all cases.

Sub-division of a property

All properties which are internally divided must be registered with the Council. When completing the application form please include the existing address and postcode of the property.

Renaming or re-numbering a whole street 

Where a serious problem arises with regard to delivery of services, or a significant number of new properties are added to a street, then we may consider renaming and/or renumbering. In order to do this, a full consultation would be carried out with all occupants and changes will only be made if there is the approval of a two-thirds majority.

Advising other authorities

In all cases, the council will pass on details of all naming and renaming to the emergency services, all other relevant internal department and external organisations.


Service Charge
Registering a new residential property (new build, single property)​ £65​
Registering several new residential properties (a housing development)​   £65 for the first property plus £15 for each additional property​  
Amending a previously-confirmed naming and numbering schedule  ​£55 per property  
Amending/re-naming a road​ ​  £1100
Historical information relating to street naming and numbering - e.g. enquiries from solicitors, ancestral research, etc  £40 per circulation​  
Registering a new commercial property (single property)  £105​  
Registering several new commercial properties​   £105 for the first property plus £35 for each additional property​
Re-registering a commercial property​   £30 per property​  
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