Apply for permission to hold a street party or event

You need permission to close a road for a street party, parade, community event or "playing out". You need to apply for permission at least one month before the event. We will review your application to advise you of any fee to close the road.

Before making an application, you need to: 

  • read our street party guidelines
  • consult your neighbours. You can find a consultation letter format in the street party guidelines.
  • consider how you will direct traffic away from the closed road. This is called a traffic management plan.

You will need to upload a copy of the traffic management plan when making your online application.

View a sample traffic management plan

If the road you wish to close is not an adopted public highway, you will need to take authorisation from the local land owner or frontages.

Apply for permission to close a road for a street event

Event licensing

If you need a temporary event licence, you can apply for it online.

Applications for temporary event licensing for events celebrating HRH King Charles Coronation, must be made by the 14 April 2023.

Apply for a temporary event licence

Further information and advice

You can find more information and advice on the following websites:

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