Find out about body worn video devices

Swindon Borough Council Civil Enforcement Officers wear Body Worn Video Devices. 

Why are these cameras being used?

The purpose of using a Body Worn Video Device is to:Body Worn Video Device

  •  serve as a deterrent to acts of aggression or verbal and physical abuse
  • introduce a more imposing recording system to address high levels of anti-social behaviour
  • keep people safe
  • help to protect officers at work (for Health and Safety purposes)
  • capture images close up, including audio recording
  • allow the officer to maintain the use of his/her hands and enforcement equipment whilst recording an incident
  • provide evidence to support internal investigations (complaints), in the issuing of a fixed penalty notices or prosecution cases
  • assist in the investigation of allegations of inappropriate conduct by officers

Who will be using the cameras?

The technology will be used by the council's Civil Enforcement Team whose officers deal with parking enforcement. It will also be available to other departments within the council that tackle a range of problems. 

Civil Enforcement Officers will have received training in the use of body-worn cameras including:

  • practical use of equipment
  • on-street operational guidance i.e. when to commence and cease recording
  • legal implications of using such equipment

When will they be activated?

The Body Worn Video Device will be used in an overt manner. Before recording, officers will give a clear verbal instruction that recording is about to take place (unless in an emergency situation).

Civil Enforcement Officers will activate the camera when they:

  • have an engagement with a member of the public which, in the opinion of the officer, is confrontational and where they believe that they may be subject to physical or verbal abuse
  • encounter a situation in which they are approached by a member of the public in a manner perceived as aggressive or threatening

Further information

The following documents provide further information about the devices:

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