Council Tax discounts and reductions

Council Tax discounts

Single person discount

We calculate Council Tax based on two adults living in the property. If only one person lives in a property, they are entitled to a 25% single person discount.

Apply for a single person discount

If you are no longer a single person living in a property, it's up to you to tell us to cancel the single person discount. If you don't, you may have to pay a fine. We are currently doing a review of single person discounts.

People who aren't counted for Council Tax

Certain people living in a property shouldn't count when we are calculating Council Tax. You can ask for these people to be "disregarded", which may result in a discount being applied to your account.

These people should be disregarded for Council Tax purposes:

  • Qualifying students and student nurses
  • Certain school and college leavers under the age of 20, who have finished a full-time course between 1 May and 31 October
  • People aged over 18 for whom child benefit is still payable
  • People with a severe mental impairment who are entitled to a qualifying benefit
  • Certain non-British spouses or dependants of students
  • Certain care workers
  • Certain apprentices
  • Certain youth training trainees under the age of 25
  • Long-term or permanent hospital patients
  • Certain residents of other properties (for example, residential care homes or hostels for the homeless)
  • Most people who are detained in prison or other form of detention
  • Members of religious communities (for example, monks and nuns)
  • Members of visiting forces and certain dependants
  • Members and dependants of international headquarters and defence organisations
  • Diplomats

People who work away from home during the week are usually considered as having their main residence in the property they return to. This is where they have their financial affairs or where their family lives.

Apply for a disregarded person discount

Apply for a discount because of a severe mental impairment

You may be entitled to a full or partial reduction if you or somebody living with you is registered as severely mentally impaired.

Apply for a discount because of a severe mental impairment

Discounts on properties

A property that has been adapted for a disabled person may also be eligible for a discount. See: Council Tax reductions for disabled people

There is one other property discount available:

  • On separately assessed annexes, where the annex is occupied by either:
    • the resident of the main home
    • a close relative of the Council Tax payer who lives in the main home

You must tell us if you no longer qualify for a discount. If you don't, you may have to pay a fine.

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax. See: Council Tax exemptions

Sending us your documents

You can upload evidence and supporting documents online.

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