Cremation at Kingsdown crematorium

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Outside the chapel at Kingsdown crematorium
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Inside the chapel at Kingsdown crematorium
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Entrance to the chapel at Kingsdown crematorium
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Chapel waiting room at Kingsdown crematorium
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Car park at Kingsdown crematorium
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Flower terrace at Kingsdown crematorium


Outside the crematorium chapel
Inside the crematorium chapel
Entrance to the crematorium chapel
Chapel waiting room
Crematorium car park
Crematorium flower terrace

Chapel and funeral service

You can tailor a funeral service at Kingdown Crematorium to meet the needs of the deceased or the bereaved. This can be with the help of our bereavement services team, or with a funeral director. We will always try to accommodate whatever wishes you may have for a service.

The chapel is interdenominational, which means it can cater for all faiths and religious needs. If required, we are able to cover the cross at the front of the chapel, and other religious symbols on display.

The chapel can accommodate 120 or more people on seats, with standing room for another 30 to 40 people. Our waiting room hosts a live feed from the chapel, so the service can be viewed from here should there be a large congregation. This provides space for an additional 40 people.

The chapel is accessible to wheelchair users, making it possible join the main congregation. You can ask your funeral director or our chapel attendant to remove a chair for you.

Facilities for a service include:

  • State-of-the-art "Obitus" music system
  • Display screen for photo or videos tributes (extra fee applies)
  • Organ (extra fee applies)
  • Waiting room with refreshments and access to toilet facilities
  • Air conditioning
  • Large car park
  • Toilets
  • Induction hearing loop
  • Outside speaker system
  • Chapel attendant

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Floral tributes

If you're attending a funeral and leaving a floral tribute, you should note that we dispose of unclaimed flowers on Monday mornings. If you wish to keep tributes, you need to remove them by closing time on a Sunday. Once removed, flowers and accompanying cards are not retrievable.  

If you would like us to use your flowers in our chapel, please tell our chapel attendant or your funeral director. We appreciate this gesture because it helps to prevent waste and brighten up the chapel.

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