Dealing and coping with a death

Advice and support

Our bereavement services team can offer help and support in dealing with a death.

What to do when someone dies

One of the first practical things that has to be done when someone dies is the death registration. We provide information about this on our website:

The government website also offers detailed general information and advice on everything that needs to be done following a death:

Planning a funeral

Our bereavement services team offers help and advice for planning a funeral. We will help with any questions or queries, no matter how small, in a caring and sensitive way.

If you wish to plan a funeral yourself and not involve a funeral director, we can provide full guidance.

Funeral costs

Funerals can be very expensive and often the thought of funding a funeral can be worrying. Sometimes the deceased will have taken out a funeral plan to cover the cost, so it is always worth looking for paperwork related to this. Apart from a pre-paid plan, the cost of a funeral is normally funded by money the deceased has left, or by family or friends.

In some cases if the person arranging the funeral is on a means-tested benefit, they may be eligible for assistance in way of a Funeral Expenses Payment to cover the cost of a simple funeral. An application form is available on the government website:

If you're under state pension age, your may qualify for a Bereavement Support Payment after the death of a husband, wife or civil partner. and . An application form is available on the government website:

If you are arranging a child’s funeral, please contact the bereavement services team or speak to a funeral director to assist with various funding possibilities.

Arranging a pre-visit to the cemetery or crematorium

Sometimes it is very beneficial for children, or people with a disability, to visit the cemetery or crematorium before a funeral takes place. We will show visitors the chapel and explain how the funeral will be conducted. This aim is to help people feel a little more relaxed and less anxious before the funeral.

If this is something you may feel is beneficial to you or a family member, please contact the bereavement services team or ask your funeral director to make arrangements.

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