Burial at a Swindon cemetery

There are three cemeteries in Swindon:

Most burials in Swindon take place at Kingsdown cemetery. 

A burial in an existing grave is also possible at Whitworth Road cemetery. There are final resting place options for a cremation at Kingsdown cemetery, Whitworth Road cemetery and Radnor Street cemetery.

Kingsdown cemetery

Kingsdown cemetery opened in 2007 and is on the same site as the crematorium. Around 3,000 burials have taken place there.

The cemetery is set in well-developed and mature grounds. It is a peaceful setting, offering ideal spaces to sit and contemplate, and enjoy the peaceful effect of its abundant wildlife. The cemetery has a large cremated remains section, three grave types available (lawn,traditional or eco) and a baby section. It also has dedicated areas for members of the Muslim, Ba’hai and Plymouth Brethren faith.

There is a public toilet at the cemetery in the garden area by the main building.

Notes about flowers at Kingsdown cemetery

Please note the following about leaving flowers:

  • The local wildlife likes to eat fresh flowers, especially roses, carnations and chrysanthemums. They appear not to like bulbed plants, for example daffodils, tulips and snowdrops. Alternatively, spraying flowers with hairspray or tonic water sometimes deters animals.
  • Following a burial floral tributes will be cleared away after two weeks. If you would like to keep your tributes, please remove them from the cemetery before this time.

Whitworth Road cemetery

Whitworth Road cemetery opened with its first burial on 26 June 1914. Since then, over 25,000 burials, including cremated remains, have taken place there. New purchases are no longer available, but burials are still possible in existing graves.

There are six main areas to the cemetery, which include a baby section, two styles of grave (lawn and traditional), a cremated remains area, and Jewish and Muslim sections.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission identified 48 war graves in Whitworth Road Cemetery.

Radnor Street cemetery

Radnor Street cemetery opened with its first burial on 6 August 1881. Since then, over 30,000 burials have taken place, including cremated remains. The site is now closed to new purchases and has been made a dedicated nature reserve.

The cemetery contains 86 First World War burials and 14 from the Second World War. It is a popular historian site, with regular walks and tours given by Radnor Street Cemetery Group, who have a page on Facebook.

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