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Traditional grave section at Kingsdown cemetery
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Traditional grave section at Kingsdown cemetery
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Lawn grave section at Kingsdown cemetery
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Lawn grave section at Kingsdown cemetery
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Eco grave section at Kingsdown cemetery
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Baby grave section at Kingsdown cemetery


Traditional section
Traditional section
Lawn section
Lawn section
Eco section
Baby burial section

There are three styles of grave available for a new purchase at Kingsdown cemetery. These are:

Grave plots are usually bought when they are required. 


This style of grave allows for a headstone and full kerb set to be placed on the grave. This is the only type of memorial permitted on the grave, and headstones only are not allowed. Double depth burials are available in this section.


This style of grave allows for a standard style headstone. The area is set out in a back-to-back style. No kerb sets are allowed.

In front of the headstone is a 12-inch garden, where visitors can place seasonal plants and bulbs. We do not allow shrubs, trees or bushes to be planted, as the roots can affect neighbouring burials and make headstones become unstable. Double depth burials are permitted in the lawn section, with one area dedicated to single depth only.

For traditional and lawn graves, turfing is carried out automatically once the ground has settled, at no additional charge.


This section allows for a “green” burial, with coffins made from materials that are sourced in an eco-friendly way. The area is set in a piece of land near the perimeter of Kingsdown cemetery, which backs on to a woodland setting. Wild flowers will eventually cover the area, making it a very natural setting in a tranquil part of the cemetery.

This option is often attractive to people who love birds and wildlife, or who wish to create a natural meadow area, which will provide environmental benefits for future generations.

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